More calories to consume

So, following on from my ‘ Watching my calorie burn vs intake ‘, and after running 12.6 miles yesterday I figured I deserved quite a big breakfast to keep me going (I usually just have porridge and OJ):

Porridge, two slices of wholemeal toast with honey spread and a glass of tropicana orange juice.  Perhaps not the ideal breakfast (hot porridge) for this kind of weather, but it sustained me anyway.

Mid morning snack: cinammon and raisin bagel with nutella.
Lunch: Duck wrap and Muller Rice.
Mid afternoon snack: an apple, strawberries, cashew nuts.
Late afternoon snack: raisins, 4 pancakes.

Whether I’ll get through all that is another story, but it’s good to know I can really eat (and need to be eating) what I want just now!

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