Wk21 – 10.25M hilly Pollock Park

Wednesday night and I had a slightly hilly 10 miles around Pollock Park planned.  I’ve realised I prefer running in the morning – getting it out of the way, so I don’t put it off… but 10 miles (1:20) is a bit much to do in the morning before work.  I’d need to leave the flat at about 6am to get back in time to get ready for work. Don’t want to be doing that too much!  but perhaps it’s better than leaving it until the evening to do?

Anyway… I got in from work just after 5pm and watched a bit of BBC 1 documentary The Scheme I’d recorded from a few nights back.  I ate a banana as I watched it to try and make sure I had enough energy to run the distance.

I eventually got out for my run just before 1830.  I wore my shorts, a vest tshirt and a long sleeved top (as I thought it looked like it might rain).  But about 2 miles in I annoyingly had to take off my long sleeved top as I was way to warm.  I guess it’s warmer running at night compared to the morning too, as Glasgow has had a chance to warm up.  😉

I was planning an easy run, aiming for around 8:30 minute miles.  I started out gently, but for some reason my garmin showed at points I was running at 14 mph… I think something was up with the satellites.  So I recorded my first mile at 7:23 – not what it actually was I don’t think, but nevermind.

I tried a different approach – instead of checking my pace, time and distance I kept an eye on my heart rate – trying to keep it at around 150 (79%), increasing to about 165 (87%) gonig up any hills.  It just gave me something to try and work towards instead of thinking about the speed I was going.

Then about 3 miles in I was wishing I hadn’t had that banana.  I started to get cramps a little – I won’t go into any more detail, but lets just say I eventally needed to give in and ‘go’ in the bushes in Pollock Park about 6 miles in.  lol.  Perhaps that makes me a seasoned runner now?  Not nice!

Remind me not to eat bananas before a long run… keep that kind of food for recovery after!

As I was leaving Pollock Park, onto Pollockshaws Road, Stanley appeared to say hello which brightened up the night.

Although the thought at the start of the run of 10 miles was a bit off putting, it actually turned out to be a good run.  I was concentrating on trying to feel good and not pushing myself in anyway.  I had a few more cramps before the end of the run, but nothing drastic.

Perhaps running at night I should be careful not to eat anything before the run ( I take on plenty of energy though the day to keep me going anyway ).

I must admit I didn’t feel the best after the run.  Slightly sicky feeling… but once I’d had my dinner (thai green curry), water and a mars bar milkshake I was ok. 😀

Run: 10.25 miles, 1:24, Pace: 8:09, 7.4mph, Calories: 1,021.
Ave HR: 151 (79%), Max HR: 168 (88%)

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