Double Spinfit cleared my headache!

Tuesday night. 5pm after 8 hours at work and a 5 mile run before work.

My head was thumping. I could have made excuses not to go to double Spinfit, but I was getting a lift to the gym and I was reminding myself how good I feel after spin.

I got changed and sat on the bike. My head was thumping right at the front above my eye. Ouch.

I drank some water and my sore head was still there through most of the first class. I kept going though.

I’d eaten enough throughout the day I think, and drunk enough water too. I maybe just needed a rest or some more food or water I thought?

In the between classes I took a breather, some more water and some cashew nuts.

Then by the end of the second class it had cleared up. :-). All gone!

Who says exercise is bad for you? 🙂

Spinfit: 1:30, Ave HR: 127, Max HR: 153, Calories: 876.

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