Listening to my body

So this week was week 1 of training for the Clyde Stride Ultramarathon . I had 4 runs planned: a 4.3 mile steady run, an 8 mile easy run, an 8 mile speed workout and a 20 mile long run along some of the route.

Last week when we were on holiday I did a few cycles, 40, 36 and 14 miles, and ran 4.5 miles in Portugal and an easy 8 miles along the new M74 road (Sunday).  A nice easy relaxing week.

Then I came back to week one of training and I started to feel a niggle of a sore throat coming on.  It doesn’t seem drastic, I’m just not feeling quite right, am sneezing quite a bit and am a little bit tired.  A weak version of a cold I’m thinking. 🙂

If I have a cold (above the neck) my advice is that you can run as long as you don’t overdo it and you make sure that you take it easy and be careful to recover well after it.  If it’s in the chest or below the neck, don’t exercise.

I read this article recently which is helpful in regards to training for an ultra marathon: the relevant point here:

Maybe the most important piece of advice I share with any new runner or a runner new to ultrarunning is don’t over do it. Rest when you need to. Listen to your body. If you need to take a day off, do it. If you need to take three days off, do it. Actively rehabilitate with ice, heat, rest, compression, massage, and, in very rare instances, anti-inflammatory drugs, which should be discontinued as soon as possible.

I ran on Thursday morning (an easy 9 miles) ok, and still have the long 20 miler on Saturday.  I plan to run this 20 mile route, part of the Clyde Stride route:

20M out to Cambuslang and back

Out about 10 miles and back.  I should be ok for the 20 mile run, but I’m not sure about the other 8 mile speed workout I had planned.  I didn’t do it this morning as I knew I needed rest (I had a 10 hour sleep on Thursday night!! Get in there!)… I’ll see how I feel on Sunday morning as to whether I do it.

If I don’t I’ll start next week afresh and will probably split one of the long runs I’ve got planned mid week, into two seperate runs (a 6 miler in the morning and 6 miler at night on Wednesday = 12 miles).  🙂

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