Wk20 – 9.1M Pollock Park wi Gill

On Wednesday of this week I was meant to do an 8 mile speed workout: 1 mile steady, 1 mile fast, but the 2500m swim on Tuesday night wiped me out.

The whole of Wednesday I was knackered and the niggling of a sore throat I thought I felt on Tuesday (but tried to ignore) turned into a bit of weak cold symptoms (sniffly nose etc).  I was so tired on Wednesday… I felt like going to sleep for most of the afternoon and evening.

So, I decided I would rest on Wednesday and pick up the speed workout later in the week, perhaps on Friday morning or Sunday at the latest.

So Thursday morning and I’d arranged to meet Gill at Bella for a 5 mile run.  This will be our fourth run together and I wanted to make sure that the aim of this run for her was to run comfortably and try to run the whole thing without needing to stop.

The last run we did, she ran it faster than the first run we did together, but her pace slowed considerably in the last 2 miles and she had to stop a few times to walk (I think because she started out too quick).

SquirrelI left my flat at the ungodly hour of just after 605am, and ran the 2 miles to Bellahouston along Paisley Road West.  Into Bella Park and Stanley the Squirrel joined me for a short run between trees.  🙂  In case you’ve missed this, any squirrel I see when I’m out running is called Stanley, and if there’s more than one together, then the other one is called Lucy (Stanley’s girlfriend).  lol. 

The weather was ok when I went out, then drizzled and rained a bit when we were out.  Almost perfect running weather. 

This time running with Gill I laid the aims of the run out for her when I met her at Bella at 625am. I wanted her to run at a comfortable pace for her and try to run the whole way without resting.

And she managed to do it!  Plus, she ran the first 4 miles at between 9:00 to 9:15 minute miles, then increased the pace at the last mile to 8:55, finishing in 45:26 – a whole minute quicker than the last time!  Great progress.

Here’s the progress Gill has made with her splits on our 5 mile runs:

A really good improvement, not only has she cut 4 minutes off her time for 5 miles, she is able to complete 5 miles without stopping and even managed to push it on the last mile to finish it faster.  Great progress!!

Oh and we saw another squirrel in Pollock Park who Gill named ‘Bob’…mmmm… I let her do that as I’d already seen Stanley this morning in Bella Park… but next time I hope I see Stanley and not ‘Bob’. lol.

We had a good chat on the run, and then I ran the two miles home along Paisley Road West.  I passed on of the trees which had fallen in Monday’s windy spring storm.  One hell of a big bit of a tree!

I ran home from Bella and finished the 9 miles as I’d started them at a comfortable pace.  I’m almost surprised at how comfortable I feel running at 8:00 to 8:30 minute miles.  🙂

Oh and I didn’t have any breakfast before I left ( I normally eat a small bowl of Special K if I’m running over 40 minutes ).  I felt ok today on the run, but now I’m pretty hungry so I need to make sure I’m eating lots through out the day, before (and possibly during) my longer runs.

A good 9 miler for me before work anyway 🙂

Run: 9.1 miles, 1:18:58, Pace: 8:35, 7.0 mph.
Ave HR: 149 (78%), Max HR: 170 (89%).

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