Wk20 – Swim Session 3 – 2500m

So Tuesday night and I managed to get a swim in, eventually. I ended up leaving work at 1830, and got to Bellahouston at just before 1900.

I met a friend after her spin class and chatted for a bit and ended up not getting into the pool until about 1930.

The only positive about swimming later on is that the pool was pretty empty. There were only two people in the fast lane, and about one in the full 3 lane tank of the pool. So I decided to swim on the other side of the fast lane, keeping line right next to the lane rope.

It was quiet for about 20 minutes, then it started filling up when adults only time started at 8pm.

It felt good to be back in the pool again. I don’t think I’ll do it every week (because it cab take two hours all in) but it’s nice for a change.

Swim Session 3: 2500m: 59:52
Ave HR: 127, Max HR: 143, Min HR: 81, Calories: 541
6 x 100m FC swim, pull, kick: 1:41, 1:53, 2:30, 1:43, 1:56, 2:35.
1600m FC swim: 33:27 (I think I miscounted and maybe did 2-4 extra lengths but I can’t be sure). 4 x 50m FC kick / BC kick: 5:38
4 x 100m FC pull / FC kick: 1:52, 2:21, 2:02, 2:18.

A not very good time for the mile, but then again I think I might have done an extra 100m by mistake. Must practice counting lengths better and concentrate on swimming more when I’m doing it!

I ended up getting in quite late last night, about 9pm for my dinner. I had lots of water through out the day, then had a caffeine lucozade before I swam, a 500ml bottle of water during the swim, a mars bar milkshake and 500mls of water with dinner. I thunk it’s kept the swimming (dehydration) hangover away. 😀

I forgot to mention that yesterday morning I woke up with the starts of a possible sore throat. I think I thought if I pretended it wasn’t there it would go away! Now it’s starting to go into my sinuses, so swimming maybe wasn’t the best idea last night but I wasn’t going to let myself get out if it!!

Hopefully it doesn’t flare up into anything! Not what I need in my first training week for the ultramarathon!!

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