Iliotibial band friction syndrome

My Fit Friend has suffered from an ongoing injury since February 2010… that’s 15 months now!

Her IT Band (Illiotibial Band) gave her problems when she was running.  She was running downhill one day and her knee suddenly got very sore so that she had to stop.  I’ve had the injury so I know how it feels, intense pain which makes you unable to run, but it tends to clear up when you walk.

She’s had physio after physio appointment, she’s rested it, iced it, compressed it and elevated it.

She’s been comprehensive in the treatment she’s given it.  She’s been to the Dr and the physio and both haven’t come up with anything to prevent the injury recurring.  She’s even had an MRI scan which the Doctor said showed she had ‘degeneration on the medial’ side of her knee… the opposite side of where the pain was.

The last ditch attempt now was to go to a private physio.  At £40 for the first session she went along tonight.  45 minutes with ‘Eden’.  He was very good and had a good understanding of her injury and how she had treated it.

The aim of the treatment is to get her to be able to run and be active without pain in her knee/leg.  At the moment she gets pain intermittently after unknown periods of running (from 1k-7k) and it’s really limiting what she does.

She’s got to the point where she is fed up of running, although she really wants to do it, it feels hardly worth the pain and effort of having to always think about if her leg is going to be in pain when she runs.


  1. Massage the IT band regularly (every 2-3 days for 20 – 30 mins).
  2. Exercise the glute and legs.
  3. Try running on it (1-2 times a week),  but do not run through any pain.
  4. Revisit in 3 weeks.

The physio gave my fit friend a good massage to loosen off the muscle….some thing she wants to get done every 2-3 days.  And gave her a link to some information and some strengthening exercises to do.

Here’s the information he gave her about the IT band injury:

(go here for general information on injuries: )

My friend’s physio suggested she tries to strengthen her glutes with the following exercises:

  • Single Leg Hip Raise (Pelvic Bridge)
  • Walt Reynolds ITB Special
  • Single Leg Squat
  • Lunges
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Donkey Kicks
  • Side Lunges
  • Ball Squat
  • Lateral Leg Raises
  • Clam Shells
  • Side Steps
  • Iron Cross
See the images below for an idea of the exercises:
(my own handy stick men work) 
Hopefully it will work as it has gone on WAY too long!!
For more information on the exericses – go here: 
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8 Responses to Iliotibial band friction syndrome

  1. Rose says:

    Does she have a foam roller? I’ve suffered with ITB and it’s the thing that has made the most difference aside from private physio.
    They aren’t even expensive and good for all your other muscles too!


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  3. Shane Doll says:

    This is great information Lorn, nice post. I see IT Band syndrome with my personal training clients from time to time and your recommendations are point on with what I’d tell them to do. You’ve got a good grasp of what’s going on and I can tell you’ve done your homework. Keep up the good work, there’s no doubt this is helping a lot of people. Take care- Shane

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