Clyde Stride 40 mile route

Here is the Clyde Stride 40 mile route I will be running on the 16th July:

It follows the course of the River Clyde from the centre of Glasgow through Hamilton, Strathclyde Park and Lanark. It passes the attractions of Bothwell Castle and woods, the David Livingstone Centre, Strathclyde Country Park, the Palace Grounds and Mausoleum at Hamilton, and the Barons Haugh Nature Reserve to end at the spectacular UNESCO World Heritage village of New Lanark.

Here’s a garmin route for it (not mine might I add!)

Here is the elevation chart for it.

This is how the route will be split:

  Check Points Leg length Location Terrain
Start Partick Railway Station 10 miles 55:52:12N 4:18:33W Flat/Town
CP1 Cambuslang Bridge 8 miles 55:49:24N 4:10:13W Flattish/Rural
CP2 Strathclyde Park 10 miles 55:48:10N 4:03:02W Undulating/Rural
CP3 Mauldslie Bridge 12 miles 55:43:51N 3:54:22W Undulating+ /Rural

Here are some links to some maps of the route and some good maps of the route can be found here:

An intro brochure gives the map above with more information on it.

Then there are 5 brochures which show the route bit by bit:

Clyde Walkway 2

Clyde Walkway 3

 Clyde Walkway 4
Clyde Walkway 5

Clyde Walkway 6

I’ve cycled some of the route, to Rutherglen… however I plan to run most of the sections of the route during my long run training and will use the maps above to figure out where best to park or get the train from and to.  I think I’ll do the first part of the route – out about 10 miles then back on Saturday (20 in total).

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13 Responses to Clyde Stride 40 mile route

  1. Mrs Mac says:

    Looks great Lorn, well done.

    For info, there is a diversion in place in the first section at Dalmarnock.
    I was out on Tuesday. It is well signed by cycle rote 75 markers, but you might need your wits about you if your moving fast. Here is a wee description….
    Follow route 75 to Dalmarnock Bridge.
    Run under the bridge, follow ramp up to meet main road (Dalmarnock Rd)
    1st R into Birkwood St
    L into Woddrop St
    L into Allen Pl
    1st R into Gear Terr
    Cross ahead, very slighty to the L into Baltic St (Stoddarts on your left)
    End of the road R into Springfield Rd
    Keep L on Springfield Rd to the J with London Rd (quite some distance)
    R into London Rd
    3rd R, unnamed lane opposite Helenvale St,
    Continue to bottom of lane and turn L to pick up Clyde Walk Way.

    This is the official diversion, unless advised otherwise by the council, this will be the route used on race day.


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  3. lornpearson says:

    see this page for the GPS of the first part of the route, plus a map of the diversion:

  4. Ran the first half yesterday, the diversion at Dalmarnock is well sign posted and is fairly easy to follow. Look for the lamp posts signs as the big sign are spinning in the wind. The only bit I kinda got lost at was just before the David Livingston centre and just after Bothwell Castle where I ended up in Royal Garden which is a complete maze of dead ends.

    • lornpearson says:

      Hey Frank, looks like you did the same as me… turned right towards Newton (at the Carmyle Viaduct) when we should have carried on along a kind of trail… no harm done though. 🙂

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  6. Paul Brown says:

    Hi Lorn

    I was wondering if you have a route map in a format that can be emailed to me? I’m not familiar with the route and hoping I don’t take a wrong turn on the day!



    • lornpearson says:

      Hi Paul. I’m pretty sure that on the day there will be plenty of sign posts and marshals keeping us right. I’ll email you what I have.

      A good tip is that u went to the tourist information place in Lanark (you could just phone them maybe) and they gave me a free set of maps of the route. There are 5 maps all together which are included in a little folder. Or you can download the maps from the links on this post.

      I’ll send you some jpeg images of the maps when I get a chance.

      Thanks and good luck with your training.


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