Wk1 Training for 40 mile ultramarathon

So this is the 1st week of training for the 40 mile Clyde Stride 40 mile ultramarathon.  My plan is to run 4 times a week: 2 easy runs (one longer), 1 hard run and one long run (between 15-32 miles).

I aim to run most of the route during my long runs, an also aim to experiment with energy for the long runs.  I might try and progress from just taking energy gels and water…but we’ll see.

I’m going to spend a bit of time looking into the route of the Clyde Stride in the next few weeks… It runs from Glasgow (Partick Railway Station) along the Clyde through Strathclyde Regional Park, the Unesco World Heritage Site at New Lanark, and the Falls of Clyde Nature Reserve to finish adjacent to the Visitor Centre. 

And I’ve got some links to some maps from the race organisers that I’m going to investigate.  And here are some more graphic maps here: http://www.visitlanarkshire.com/things-to-do/walking/Clyde-Walkway-/

This week the plan is:

Monday AM: 4.3 mile run easy.
Tuesday PM: Swim 2500m (should be spin but Helen’s not there so I’ve got an excuse not to go 😉 ) – still get a bit of cross training in.
Wednesday AM: 8 mile run hard (1M warm up then 1M fast/recover.)
Thursday AM: 9 mile easy (5 with Gill).
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 20 miles run long – first part of route and back.
Sunday: Rest.

How does that sound?  🙂

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3 Responses to Wk1 Training for 40 mile ultramarathon

  1. Dave Lord says:

    Wow forty mile week straight after holiday, you are jumping in the deep end. I’ll take a look at the maps link and be interested on your thoughts on each section as I cannot travel north until I get my visa .
    Keep up the blogging
    Dave Lord
    Now with my plans appearing at http://comrades2012.wordpress.com

  2. lornpearson says:

    Thanks for the link Dave. I’ve cycled the first part of the route and it’s pretty flat and quite a nice traffic free route. I think it will get a bit more challenging the closer we get to Lanark though (hilly). Good luck with your training. 🙂

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