Holiday in Portugal!

I’ll try and keep this brief: a wee run down of my holiday to Portugal.

Where we stayed

www.valedalapa.aguahotels.pt1 week in the sun, we flew out on Saturday the 14th May and came back on 21st May.  We stayed in a wee town in the Algarve called Carvoeiro.  We stayed at a 5 star spa resort called Vale De Lapa about 2 miles away from the coast and the town.

It’s a new resort, built in the last year, we got a 2 bedroom suite with two floors for a very reasonable price.  The resort was pretty quiet – either because it hasn’t been advertised or it’s not busy season yet, but it was very pleasant and a nice place to relax.

We had a double room with changing space/wardrobes and an en suite, a twin room with en suite, a balcony upstairs and a sit out area downstairs.  And there was the kitchen, dining area, toilet and livingroom area downstairs.  A flat screen telly in each of the bedrooms and the livingroom, a set of scales in the bathroom and everything was finished off to excellent standards.

In fact, the complex is so new, it isn’t even on the Garmin maps yet!!  See the red loop to see where the edges of the complex is, and the green dot is where our villa was!

The weather

It was warm and sunny for most of the week, except for on Wednesday when it poured monsoon weather for most of the morning.  It was actually quite nice to be forced not to do anything but laze about because of the rain!

What we did

The holiday was meant to be a nice relaxing holiday in the sun, so we could relax and recharge after the first main training part of the year (for the marathon and 10k).  I took my running trainers, but wasn’t sure if I was going to run. 

  • We hired bikes for 4 days (one of which we didn’t use them because of the rain).
  • We cycled to some towns 2 days, and cycled along the coast to a beach another day.
  • We lay at the pool for 2 days and I swam in it a few times – it was nice and quiet!
  • I read two books… The Extra Mile by Pam Reed and Born to Run by Christopher McDougal (reviews to follow).

It was very relaxing and adventurous at the same time and I well and truly got to recharge my batteries.  My forearm strain cleared up more or less as soon as I was on hoilday (two weeks recovery) and overall we just had a great time in the sun!

Here are the links to the bike rides we did:

36.6M Portugal Lagoa Silves – to Lagoa, Silves (ice cream and castle ;-), Portimao and back to Carvoeiro.  It was really nice until we got to Portimao (Silves was a lovely wee town) when we spend a bit of time on a main road.  There was a lane for us, but the traffic and wind wasn’t the best! 

41M Portugal Albufeira – We cycled about 20 miles to Albufeira, had lunch there, explored a bit, and found a nice wee cycle route back. 

13.6M Portugal Carvoeiro – a shorter cycle exploring around the Carvoerio area and to a beach where I tried to go in for a swim, but decided it was too cold so just sun bathed instead!

By the time Friday came I was kind of itching for a run… it had been nice to be there and do other things than run… but by the end of the week all I wanted to do was run!!  So I got up early on Saturday morning, the day we left and did this run:

4.5M run Portugal.  It was a bit downhill at the start, then, inspired by the trail running in Born to Run, I decided I’d try a bit of trail running along the coast, but ended up in bushes (my legs getting scratched to f*** lol) where a trail stopped and I had to turn around. 

And by that point it was roasting!! I had thought I was going to do a 6 or 7 mile run, but made it a nice and easy 4.5 mile run instead.  Good start to the day anyway – a nice wee steady 40 odd minutes !

One last wee snap to show me sucking it all in on the beach ! 😉  All this running has DEFINATELY been worth while!

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