Wk18 – 16M Newton Mearns hilly

Saturday morning before we fly out to Portugal, and I wanted to get a long run with hills in.  Since the marathon the most I’ve run was 11 miles and it was nice and comfortable… I really felt like I could run further, but tried to be sensible.

I’d asked a colleague at work if he knew of any hilly routes and he let me know about this route up to Newton Mearns in Glasgow.  A hill up to 456ft then back down to the Clyde.  🙂  Looked good I thought.  But 8 miles in I wasn’t really thinking that… bastard hills.  It’s more fun that running flat though and it must be good for you.

In order to get back to the flat at about 10am I left the flat at about 7:45am.  No one around.  I ran up to and through Pollock Park which I know well, then from there on in I was adventurising… I like running where I haven’t been before…as long as I don’t get lost.  And I managed not to which was good.  You come across things you wouldn’t normally… places to shop, places to eat, bad areas, posh areas.

Up through Thornlibank I left Glasgow and was now in East Renfrewshire… at mile 4 I took on a caffeine energy gel and at mile 5 I picked up a bottle of Lucozade I’d left there in a bag the night before. I ran with it until I’d drank most of it.  After that the hills started…past Rouken Glen Park past Patterton and up Stewarton Road.  I nearly took a left, but decided there wasn’t a sign post for the A77 which I was aiming for so kept running til I got to Barrhead Road.

I got it right… along Barrhead Road and the uphill (and wind in my face) was through… downhill from here on in.  Down the A77 through Newton Mearns at 8.5 miles… I felt a bit of a twinge in my left hip and a twinge in my right calf but nothing show stopping.  The niggles came and went, but I still felt ok.

The weather was good, sunny, a little windy on the way out, but at my back on the way back.  And about 10 miles in I could feel dampness / drizzle in the air which was nice.

I could feel the downhills which were nice and I could tell that I was running through a nice area.  Down past the Whitecraigs golf course on the other side of Rouken Glen Park to Eastwood Toll then onto Giffnock.  Some nice houses. About 11 miles in I took another caffeine gel, and at about 13 miles I stopped briefly to take on another (tropical) lucozade.  I drank most of it then chucked it in a bin and ran on.

Nice running down toward Shawlands and from here I had about 3 miles of route that I knew very well.  I felt strong but perhaps thought I might have run the whole thing a bit fast? Perhaps not.  It felt natural (except for the niggles).

Along to Shields Road, 1 mile downhill to the flat.  My music was good.  I was playing my 10k playlist…and one song in particular stuck out… Tiny Tempah Written in the stars. Good beat to run to.

Better eat something substantial before I fly and drink lots or I’ll crash later!  Think I’ll have a snickers and a homemade banana milkshake to start me just now.

I got back to the flat and I’d done 16 miles exactly.

Run: 16M, 2:12:55, Pace: 8:14, 7.2mph, Calories: 1597.
Ave HR: 160 (81%), Max HR: 177 (86%)

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