Wk18 – 5.1M Queens Park

Wednesday morning and I managed to drag my ass out of bed this morning for the first time this week for a run.

I had good intentions of running on Monday and Tuesday morning, but decided bed was more appealing.  So I was keen to get out this morning.

My arm is still sore, but I got through spinfit last night ok and it doesn’t affect me when I’m running so at least it’s not that bad.  Just need to get over it I think!

I had a small bowl of Special K before I went out, then started the run at 6:45.  I always feel good once I’m up and out the door.  I was wearing a short sleeved top and shorts, and I thought for a minute it might be a bit too cold and damp for what I had on, but it ended up being fine.

Today was just a nice steady run, no pressues, up to Queens Park and back (5.1 miles).

I ran the first mile in just under 8 minutes, then slowed a little on the second mile, and increased the pace each mile after that.  It’s almost inevitable as the route goes slightly up hill on the way out then back down towards the Clyde on the way back.

I run along a few main roads/busy bus routes and there are always people around, even though it’s early doors.

Up past Queens Park, I felt strong and tried to power up the hill.  Just before Victoria Road I passed a man out running (overtook him) and gave him the thumbs up (like a man had done to me a few weeks ago). Hopefully he would see it as a nice thing rather than a patronising thing.

I always think of Moira Jones when I pass that park, the woman who got dragged into the park in in the middle of the night and killed.  makes me definately not want to run in the park in the morning… so outside the park it is.

Down Victoria Road – not the nicest part of the route… then down Eglington Toll and under the new M74 motorway which I am going to run (14k) on in a few weeks time. 😀

I was getting near to the flat with Eminem Lose Yourself ringing in my ears and reached a fast pace in the last mile.  I passed my neighbour and nearly didn’t notice her as I was looking at my garmin/pace.

Once again I used the 10k playlist to run to, and the songs on it are great for picking up the pace.

I finished what was meant to be a nice steady run, in a time close to pb.  Running just seems to be getting easier for me!  I think I need to reincorporate long runs into my training again.  Maybe try one on Saturday morning before we go to Portugal.

Run: 5.1 miles, 39:26, Pace: 7:35, Calories: 511.
Ave HR: 158 (83%), Max HR: 184 (97%).

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