Rewarded in new trainers

My friend Emma once asked me what I was going to reward myself with for doing a race and beating a pb. I never really used to reward myself but recently I’ve seen myself buying myself ‘rewards’ when I do well.

Rewards might be a meal out, (a pint for someone who drinks), chocolate, clothes, a trip away… The list goes on. Smaller rewards for a good training run might include a mars bar milk shake, or a mars bar.  You decide what you get. Or if you’re really lucky, someone else will buy you the rewards. 😉

For me, the rewards seem to be….. In trainers!!

Saucony Grid Getgo Lady White Silver Red - Running ShoesAfter the marathon I bought a new pair of white n red saucony grid getgo trainers. Very nice. I bought them more for walking around in rather than running as my saucony paramounts are my favourite runners.

I also got a nice bright yellow Nike top from my gf as a reward.

Then for getting my pb for the 10k I bought myself a pair of red salomon crossmax trainers. Designed for off road running I’ll try then out if I get out onto any trails. 🙂

Do you reward yourself in life? For achieving goals?? For losing weight or achieving exercise targets?


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1 Response to Rewarded in new trainers

  1. Cris says:

    Cool purchases Lorn!

    I find a pint of guiness and a burger equally rewarding after a long race!

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