6 pbs and some more stats…

Ok…so I realised tonight… that I’ve managed to record 6 pbs this year so far…and it’s only May. 😀 well chuffed with that!  Here they are:

  1. 5k: 21:31 (Apr 11)
  2. 4.3M (Maxwell Park): 31:42 (May 11)
  3. 5.1 miles: 38:48 (21 Feb 11)
  4. 10k: 43:51 (May 11)
  5. Half Marathon: 1:39:25 (Mar 11)
  6. Marathon: 3:40:12 (22’C heat – Lochaber Apr 11)

Things are looking pretty good for me just now… and touch wood it stays that way! (and injuries stay away!)

I’m feeling strong when I’m running, and the marathon training in the first part of the year has certainly helped me to increase my speed over shorter distances.  Now I need to learn about training for an ultra marathon!

Anyway…here are some more stats from the 10k I did on Sunday:

I came in:
81st out of 10,114 runners : thats the top 0.8%!
46th out of 4273 runners in my age group : thats the top 1%

My fastest full mile pace was : 6:38 min miles
My ave HR was 89% (170 bpm) and my max HR was 97% (185 bpm) (at the end)
My average pace was : 7:01 min miles (8.5mph)
I burned 621 calories … around 100 calories per mile.
I did it twice as fast as last year (dressed as the big bad wolf from little red riding hood : 1:35:51)

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