I’ve done it…I’ve entered an ultramarathon!

Oh my god.  I’ve done it.  I’ve entered a 40 mile ultramarathon!  The Clyde Stride 40 mile ultramarathon on the 16th of July.  10 weeks to go (and week 2 of that will be on holiday in Portugal).  So I’ll really just have 8 weeks to train for it.

I’ve been drawn in from all these blogs where people run longer distances than the marathon distance… and appear to love it.  ( John Kynaston’s Ultra RunningVicky’s Ultra runningHighland RunnerKarinsmiles, Stuart Macbeath blogspot )  They make it look easy in fact!!

The D33, the Glasgow to Edinburgh double marathon… the Highland Fling, the West Highland Way race.  It just seems like a whole other kettle of fish!

One thing that was putting me off was that there doesn’t seem to be many training plans for longer distances available, but I should be able to tweak a marathon plan and create one of my own. This was the only real information I found online… lots of links.

Some plans I’ve seen suggest running long runs back to back, one on the Saturday and one on the Sunday… but I don’t have that sort of time to invest…and my current training plan seems to work for me so I think I’ll just be amending it slightly. (more longer runs).

And I’ll need to really consider nutrition for on the 40 mile distance too.  There are 3 stop check points where you get a chance to refuel etc…. I’ll be looking more into that in the coming months.  I’ll need to get to grips with refueling with more than energy gels I think and I’ll also need to consider what pace I’ll do for the event and the training.  Long and slow I’m thinking!

Here’s my idea for what my training could be:

An almost… 5 hour training run…lol.   If you have any feedback on it I’d be happy to hear it.  🙂

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6 Responses to I’ve done it…I’ve entered an ultramarathon!

  1. Rose says:

    You are officially nuts!!!!
    A friend of mine is doing her first ultra next week and had a similar problem finding a training plan. She ended up doing much as you’ve said you will do.

    I know that as regards fuelling, her ultra is 8 mile laps so she’s been trying to do some of those in training and fuelling at the end of each lap with cold porridge!!!!! She said that before she started to train for this she couldn’t eat and then run but that’s one of the very important things that she has had to ‘train’ herself to do as with those sorts of distances you HAVE to eat en route.

    Good luck! I have no doubt that you will manage this very successfully!


    • lornpearson says:

      Thanks Rose. I can agree I think I am nuts yep. 🙂 Should be a challenge anyway. I’m kind of thinking if I can do a marathon I can do just about anything!! I hope I’m right! 😀 Lorn x

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  3. Dave Lord says:

    “I’ve done it…I’ve entered an ultramarathon!” think i said that about same day as you. It’s going to be a fun day , I have no training plan but am working on Hadd base training keeping heart rate low and running 1hr+ each day

    see you there


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