Wk17 – 10k in the rain

Remind me not to eat a bowl of Shreddies before a run again. :-/ jeezo. Not nice.

Thursday night and I went for a steady 10k run around the bridges.  My second run of the day, I like it when I manage to run twice in one day.  11.2 miles for the day.  🙂

My friend who has an injured IT Band is dong the 10k on Sunday and was worried that the pain she gets in her IT band would flare up again and stop her progress.

She wants to run the whole 10k on Sunday and not have to stop due to any pain in her leg, so Thursday night was a test for her leg.

We ran around the bridges of the Clyde, up to the one at the Adelphi, through Glasgow Green and down to the Millenium Bridge next to the BBC.

We then ran up to the STV building, and around and through Festival Park before running onto Plantation Park and home along Paisley Road West.

I wore my new shorts, a long sleeved top and a tshirt – along with my buff (as it was meant to be raining).  It wasn’t raining when we left, and after about a mile in, I felt a bit too hot.  But as we went on the rain started and by the end it wasn’t exactly heavy, but pleasantly raining.  Quite nice for running in actually.

About half a mile from home I had the horrible feeling that I needed the toilet (thanks to the damn shreddies)… not a nice feeling!

We did well though, 10k in 53:37, a very steady pace of around 8:34 (7mph).  She didn’t beat her pb for the distance, but she did what she set out to do: run 10k steady without pain.

She said it was the best run she’d had for a while, which is good.  And my heart rate was pretty steady and not too high either which was good – it didn’t go above 78%.

Run: 10k, 53:37, Pace: 8:34, Calories: 615
Ave HR: 139 (73%), Max HR: 148 (78%)

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