My next challenge??

So… I fancy a challenge. After the marathon (4 weeks ago) I’m hungry to either do another… or try something even more challenging.

I had thought that I could train up towards doing a marathon distance up Loch Lomond again at the start of October… see if I can improve my race strategy?

But then I’m thinking… can I do something even more challenging?

I’ve been checking out some blogs where people run ultramarathon distances… 40 – 90 miles… SUMS stands for the Scottish Ultra Marathon Series.

Races include the D33 (33 miles), Glasgow to Edinburgh double marathon (56 miles), Highland Fling (53 miles), not to mention the West Highland Way race (95 miles).

The first three have been and gone for this year, and the West Highland Way race is closed for entries, but the next run in the series is the Clyde Stride: a 40 mile run from Glasgow to Lanark.

Created especially for the SUMS the “Stride” provides the opportunity to race along one of Scotland’s most beautiful and accessible new pathways. It runs from Glasgow (Partick Railway Station) along the Clyde through Strathclyde Regional Park, the Unesco World Heritage Site at New Lanark, and the Falls of Clyde Nature Reserve to finish at Bonnington Linn. The superb track and scenery ensure a rapid rise to Ultra stardom for the “Stride”.

Once I come back from holiday (21st May)… I’ll have 8 full weeks before the date of the Clyde Stride (16th July) .. the question is… can I train for it in such a short period? I’ve still got the marathon in my legs and found an 11 mile run very easy the other week. But is 8 weeks cutting it a bit fine?

I’ve got the ability and some experience of running long, but is it too much to ask of me to aim to run 40 miles (with 8 weeks training)?

I’d need to research training plans for longer distance running, nutrition for on the run and I’d need to increase my training again.

Here is the entry information… and it’s pretty reasonable at just £17!

What do you think?? Should I enter it?

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2 Responses to My next challenge??

  1. Kevin says:

    Hi Lorn
    Am I right in saying that there’s a River Ayr Run…of about 48 miles…or is that just a walk?
    I’d love to do something like that but can’t see past marathon distance just now…I hear the D33 is very good and a sensible step up.

  2. lornpearson says:

    Hi Kevin

    It looks like its a run or a walk… 24th 25th September…. looks good:

    The D33 is past but sounds like a good one.

    I just feel like I want to do another marathon… but perhaps should challenge myself further… 😀 Lots of people have completed marathons, but not many people run further. 🙂 Perhaps I’m crazy!

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