Wk17 – 5M speed session

Thursday morning and I’d kind of skived off a run on Wednesday night.  My running partner had something come up, so my plan of running up the West end of Glasgow was out the window.  And I couldn’t muster the imagination to set another route. Shocking. 😉

I knew I was running this morning so it wasn’t that bad.  I met Gill at 630 at Bellahouston leisure centre.  The plan was to do the route I set up the other day – 4.75 mile speed session.  I’d run it at her pace and see if I could help motivate her to keep going.  Not really a speed session as such for me, but good to be helping someone out with their training.  It was nice to stretch my legs on the parts she was running faster.

The weather was ok, not as nice as it had been, but ok. No rain anyway (it had been forecast).

We warmed up for a mile then started our first fast repetition of 0.25 miles fast, 0.25 miles recovery.  After 3 Gill asked me to keep going on myself whilst she recovered.  I did 3 with Gill and 4 on my own (hard work on my own).  Then we ran back to Bella.  5 miles in total for me.

My heart rate monitor was slipping a bit, I need to make sure it’s tight for Sunday.

We finished up about 7:15 then I went to vote and get it out of the way. Oh and I wore my new shorts today… very comfy and cool!

Run: 5 miles, 41:33, Pace: 8:16, Calories: 491.
Ave HR: 151 (79%) Max HR: 183 (96%)

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