Forearm strain

I may as well post about my latest injury.  An injury which thankfully isn’t stopping me from running, but one which is annoyingly painful. 

What is a muscle strain?

A strain is caused by twisting or pulling a muscle or tendon. Strains can be acute or chronic. An acute strain is caused by trauma or an injury such as a blow to the body; it can also be caused by improperly lifting heavy objects or overstressing the muscles. Chronic strains are usually the result of overuse – prolonged, repetitive movement of the muscles and tendons.

I strained my right forearm at the weekend from excessive gardening… lol… too much forking! :-O And it’s damn sore!

It’s sore when I type, and use a mouse which isn’t great as I do a ‘desk job’ where I do that a lot… and it’s sore when I grip things (ie toothbrush) or twist my hand in anyway.  I iced it when I noticed it was sore, have been taking ibuprofen for it and I’ve got a compression bandange on it.  

From the picture to the left I think its the ‘Brachioradialis Supinator… it’s sore anyway whatever its called.  😛

Here is the treatment I’ll give it so see if I can get it healed:

Rest – as much as I can, but I have to type and use it for every day duties… no more ‘forking’ or gardening for me just now that’s for sure.

Ice – I’ll try this once a day at night.

Compression – as mentioned, the bandage might help decrease any swelling.

Ibuprofen – 2 x 400mg every 4 or so hours.

Stretching – once the pain is gone, I’ll stretch the muscle.

Strengthening – once the pain has gone, working it with weights perhaps to help it get back to normal.

It would probably stop me from swimming, I’d think and I’ll need to be careful teaching swimming and not using it to hold kids/adults up in the water next Sunday.  But apart from that it shouldn’t stop me in my tracks too much.  

 Average healing times for strained muscles are:

  • Mild strain: 2 to 10 days.
  • Moderate strain: 10 days to 6 weeks.
  • Severe strain: 6 to 10 weeks. If this is a repeat injury, complications listed above are more likely to occur.

It’s probably a moderate strain I’d think.  The garden will wait.

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2 Responses to Forearm strain

  1. lornpearson says:

    As expected the forearm strain took 2 weeks to heal. The third week I was off from work on a nice sunny holiday and it cleared up during that. 🙂 back to normal thankfully!

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