Garden: before and after pictures

Here is the transformation so far of the garden so far… a lot of work has gone into it and there are about 40 bag fulls of garden waste for us to get rid of and numerous cut down trees which will be chipped up to cover the soil.

Here’s the before picture (above)….

And here’s the after picture. 🙂 All the hard work was worth it. Thanks to all the neighbours who put in a lot of work too.

Here’s some more work that needs to get done:

> Remove tree stumps and roots from grassed area.
> Clear roots and any plants from garden bed areas.
> Turn over the main turfed area.
> Lay weed killer over whole garden (non windy day, without rain for 6 days after)
> Chip wood. (from hss hire probably)
> Lay cover/membrane/bin bags over soil.
> Lay chippings over covered soil.
> Clean the back wall.
> Maybe remove/hack saw down the clothes poles.
> Dispose of waste bags weekly after bins are emptied (4 at a time).
> Clear (hidden in from picture, either side of the garden) red stone areas of weeds and tidy up.
> Possibly Seed lawn over all three areas: left, right and top. (august or next spring?)
> Paint the railings and gate green (& oil the gate)

Here’s the garden a bit touched up in photoshop… if only it was that easy!

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