10k race strategy

It’s the women’s 10k on Sunday the 8th of May, and I’ve set up a race strategy for it… based on my previous runs and how I’ve been doing so far, I’d like to aim to get inside the 45 minute mark for the 10k.  If I don’t get it, I don’t mind, but I’ll try.

Here’s the strategy:

A negative split once again, but hopefully I’ll be able to hold it together and get in around the 45 minute mark! 

I’ve checked back and almost exactly 2 years ago I ran the route in 55 minutes, and I ran the 10k that year in 48:15… and then in my time trials this year in January I got a pb of 46:22 for a similar route.  Fingers crossed my experience of running will help me smash that. 😉

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