Wk16 – 34M cycle up and down hills…

Sorry I’ve not posted in a few days, lets just say I’ve been busy in the garden and doing other things.  On Friday we drove to just past Dumbarton to a place called Cardross to do a loop up past Faslane, then over the HILLS ( :-O ) to the A82 and back down towards Dumbarton.

I got the route from here: www.cycle-route.com

The description was:

Flat for the first 15 miles through Cardross, Helensburgh on the A814, heading West along the Clyde.

Steep, 3km climb from Faslane naval base, sign-posted Balloch/Arrochar at roundabout. Undulating terrain through Glen Fruin then downhill to Arden. Flat along busy A82 to Renton Road turnoff, then flat until Cardross Road.

Undulating was not the word I would have used.  Hilly is the word I would have used!! A slight hill up past Faslane…then up to the roundabout and the biggest hill I’ve ever seen…. then another…and another, and another…  I did manage to go downhill too, but it was really really windy so we couldn’t go flat out.

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We had lunch at Duck Bay Marina, then cycled down to the A82 and got on the rather familiar route back to Balloch.  Then we checked with tourist information (the route I had said follow the A82, but I didn’t fancy that)… and we followed national cycle route 7 all the way down to Dumbarton.

Cycling is fun, but this was hard work and I really wondered why we chose such a hilly route!!  By the time we got to the A82 I was starving, and I’d had a bit to eat and drink!  Oh and by the time we got back to Cardross it was raining a little!  It had been a lovely day up to then and the rain didn’t really stay on or rain like normal…just little spits here and there.

It was a good day out and I managed to stay on my bike the whole time, even though at some points I’d have been faster running!

Cycle: 31.14M, 3:06, Ave Speed: 11.6mph, Max Speed: 32.3mph, Calories: Approx 2000.
Ave HR: 122 (66%), Max HR: 166 (91%) (at the top of a hill)

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