Gardening… instead of training!

Well, I’ve been a little quiet over the last few days, I did the (10 mile) run on Thursday followed by a 34 mile cycle on Friday and on Saturday although I really should have done a wee 10k run, I decided I’d take a rest day from exercise. That is, apart from working in the garden.

The garden started off like this:

Overgrown, uncared for, the pathway at the top all broken up and uneven due to rats burrowing a little house under there.  I poisoned them last week and killed them off… then started taking the slabs up so that I could re-lay them and fill in the hollow ground that lay beneath them.

I swept up all the leaves and extra soil which had been left over from the autumn and filled the hole with it.  I also added some broken up stones from around the garden.

My neighbours worked a bit in the garden last year and put a lot of work in, but he got injured so couldn’t keep it up.  Hopefully if we get more people involved it’ll be easy to clear it out, and then it’ll easy to maintain.

After I’d attacked the pathway and disposed of some dead rats, I got to work on clearing nettles and tall weeds from the top left of the garden.  And on Saturday morning I cleared most of the rest of the tall weeds from the garden.  My neighbour helped with clearing some of the trees and bushes out of the way.  He pulled out 4 trees / tree roots and did a great job then finely raked through the soil which had the nettles and weeds in it.

On Saturday afternoon, I relaid the slabs.  Heavy work, but I managed to do it ok.

Quite a difference from the first picture eh?  Still quite a lot to be done, but it’s a start.  I’m going down today for a while then I’ve arranged for some neighbours to help us tomorrow, see if we can really make it look nice.

So I guess running is out of the way for a bit… but to be honest I’m maybe getting more of a workout for my muscles this way anyway!! (and my fingers, hands, back, legs, arms..etc).

Here’s it after todays effort… the neighbour and Jackie helped clear a lot of it… I dug out the top bit…

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