Wk15 – Double Spinfit!

Tuesday night, back to spinfit after a night off last Tuesday.  And it went surprisingly well.  I think I was being too cautious thinking that my legs wouldn’t be able to handle spin.  I had planned to just sit in the saddle and spin, no up out of the saddle or strength work, but I tried it and it was fine.

The spin room at Bella has been reorganised.  We used to look out the way towards reception, and Helen (the instructor) would be over to the right of the room.  Now her bike has been put about 3 foot up on a stage at the back of the room.  She now looks out at reception and we look in towards the room. 

It means all we can look at it her…and we don’t get to see people coming in and out… or little Iona.  Little Iona, if I haven’t mentioned her already is a wee cute girl who is about 3.  Every Tuesday night she accompanies her Mum to Bellahouston where an older sibling of hers does gymastics.

Iona wonders around in front of the door to our class looking very cute and doing things like covering her ears because the music is too loud.  She chats away and is generally just a cute little thing that makes us laugh when we are spinning.  She’s very literate for a wee 3 year old, and I think she knows she’s cute and plays on it.  Pity we won’t see her much now that we’re facing the other way! 😦

Tuesday night spin was good anyway.  We’ve been donig the routine for a while now so we know it well.  It’s quite a hard workout, lots of hills, speed, strength and running – with not much recovery.

Spin 1: 45 mins, Ave HR: 135, Max HR: 160. Calories: Approx 550.
Spin 2: 45 mins, Ave HR: 126. Calories: Approx: 540.

I worked hard anyway, and my legs were ok.  Even managed the two strength tracks pretty convincingly!

I’ve noticed the muscle at the top of my thighs seem a bit sore… perhaps from the mountain climbers I did on Monday night in the gym?

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