Wk15 – 3.3M walk in Pollock Park

I had planned on doing a 10k run on Wednesday night. As I was walking home from work it was roasting and I was thinking about what my route would be.  Part of the Women’s 10k route, into Pollock Park and back home… so the distance would be closer to 7 or 8 miles once I’d run to and from my flat.

I got home and my partner (who is injured just now) was all ready and had decided to go for a walk around Pollock Park whilst I ran.  I walked with her for a lap of part of Pollock Park and got chatting, so did another lap.  Then after about 2 miles, my garmin started playing silly beggars saying it was low on battery…?

The weather was lovely, I was in short and t-shirt and it was so nice to be out with clear skies and warm weather.  It actually felt like a Summers day!

Although my initial thought was to definitely run tonight a few gremlins were creating excuses for me not to:

  • ‘You need the toilet, you can’t run if you need the toilet!’ (answer: I can get dropped at Bella, nip into the loo, then run a route and home).
  • ‘Your garmins going to run out so you won’t have a track of your run.‘ (answer: I don’t need my garmin to run… ahem!)
  • ‘You don’t have a route from Pollock Park in mind that you want to run.’ (answer: I’ll just run hill repeats of the hill in Pollock Park, then run home).
  • ‘You can run tomorrow morning before work, like you had planned this morning… sure it means you’ll have two runs in one day, but you like doing that.’  (answer:  arrrgggg!! OK THEN, I’ll do it tomorrow morning! But I’d better do it or else!!)
Damn shit*y GREMLINS!!! 😛
We walked just over 5k anyway, and at quite a fast pace, and I did a few short sprints.  It was nice to chat through our days, just as we do when we go a run together. And it was nice to get out in the fresh air on such a nice night. Well worth the effort.
Walk: 3.34M, 52 mins, 4.1 mph, Calories: 222.
Ave HR: 97 (51%) Max HR: 147 (77%) (short sprints)
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