Wk15 – This Road Runner is BACK!

I decided last night with the lovely weather and me being back to swimming teaching after 4 weeks off, that I’d get back to running on Monday morning. We’d done the 42 mile cycle on Saturday and my legs felt surprisingly fine (especially my right quad) on Sunday.

As I’ve mentioned, my right quad feels a little weak, so I need to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t get any worse or lead to an injury, but I thought I’d try it out anyway. It was a nice spring morning, a little chilly but warm enough for me to wear shorts and a vest top!! :-O I was out the door for just after 6:40am.

I ran my usual Monday morning route of up to Maxwell Park and back and decided it was going to be an easy run, with no pressure… and for once I wasn’t allowed to look at my garmin! When I run usually I’m always looking at my garmin for feedback: What speed am I going? How far have I gone? What was my last split? Can I increase my speed this split? What’s my heart rate? (not so much)

So today, I ran without looking at it apart from twice. Once when I started out to make sure I wasn’t going too fast, and second on the 4th mile when I heard it beep (telling me the last split time was 8:16). I must have wanted to look at it about 20 times over the 35 minutes, but I consciously didn’t.  No pressure, no targets.  Just run. 😀

I felt a little niggle in my right quad and a little niggle in my right knee, but nothing show stopping. I do want to be careful though, so tonight it is swimming with quite a bit of kick work…and I’ll consider if I’m going to do spin tomorrow night or not.

It was nice and I managed a very evenly paced run at 7.3 mph (8:15 ish).

Meep meep, after one week of cold turkey, this road runner is back! Feels like a great start to the week. 🙂

Run: 4.3M, 35:27, Pace: 8:14, Calories: 433.
Ave HR: 152 (80%), Max HR: 179 (94%)

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