Wk15 – 3 x 100: legs, legs, swim

100 easy sqauts, 100 mountain climbers, 100 lengths swimming.  😀

Monday night and I managed to drag myself from work at about half 5 (30 mins later than normal) to go swimming. 

As usual, the thought of swimming makes me want to put it off for some reason… something I really need to get over. It’s good once I get into the pool, it’s good during the swim and I feel good after it. So what’s the problem Lorn??!

I just have a kind of dread to going swimming and would rather…do other things than get to the pool, get changed and get in the pool. It’s very odd. Perhaps I just need to set myself time goals: in the pool by X time, no matter what. As if I were meeting a friend there? Anyway, I won’t bore you with that anymore.

Tonight I aimed to get to the gym and do a quick massage / stretching session on the power plate, then go to the pool for a 2500m swim.

I got into the gym, but unfortunately the only one power plate was being used. So I did a few strength exercises instead.

2 exercises, 5 x 20 (100 each):

  • Gym ball squat
  • Mountain climbers

As I was resting between exercises I was looking at all the people on the machines. The gym was really busy and every machine was taken. I thought… it’s sunny outside, nice and pleasant – and these people are CHOOSING to run and cycle INDOORS! I can understand it if you’re maybe injured, or new to running, or perhaps very overweight and too self conscious to run outside, but there really isn’t another excuse I can think of for not running outside when it’s like this!!

Enough of my ranting. I didn’t end up getting on the power plate as, just like every other machine, it was being hogged….so I just opted to go for my swim. I’m quite glad I seem to have migrated away from the gym since the start of the year (I’ve replaced it with running / cycling outside, self made circuits, swimming).

Tonight I wanted to do quite a bit of kick work and did 1000m kicking in total, see if I can help repair my seemingly slightly damaged quads. This swim session is a kind of pyramid workout over 4 sets of 500m with a warm up and cool down..

Kick Session 1, 2500m, 54:54.
Ave HR: 123, Max HR: 143, Calories: 466.

Warm up: 250m
250m FC swim: 4:31 (17)

Main set: 4 x 500m
400m FC swim: 6:30
100m FC kick: 2:40 (22)
300m FC pull: 5:23
200m FC kick: 5:21 (15)
200m FC swim: 3:43
300m FC kick: 8:19 (15)
100m FC pull: 1:51
400m FC kick: 10:10 (43)

Cool down: 250m
250m FC pull: 4:28.

I nearly lost count in the middle of the 300m kick set, but managed to recover by doing 50m and I’d realise at the end if I’d done 102 or 100 lengths (by the timings). As above I just did 100 lengths, so was right to have done the 50m.

I felt fine as I was swimming, although I probably should have put my nose clip on. I tend to keep it on my finger and put it on part way into the swim as it sometimes falls off if I put it on at the start. But tonight I didn’t wear it and I’m pretty sure water went up my nose a few times and now I’m sneezing a little bit.

Hydration: Before the swim I had a 500ml bottle of caffeine lucozade, then during it a 500ml bottle of lucozade lite. After it at home I had about a litre of water. I had my dinner and started to get a bit of a sore head….but a mars bar seems to have fixed that. 😀 (work, rest and play).

All in all a good day and nice to be swimming again… I have ideas that I’d like to swim 2-3 times a week concentrating on kick sets just now… but we’ll see what happens. 😀 I’ll maybe make up another session tomorrow.

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