Wk14 – 42 mile cycle to Lochwinnoch

Saturday morning and it was our first cycle of the year so far for us. Every Saturday morning of this year has been devoted to marathon training. Now was the chance to get out there on our bikes, especially now the weather was nicer.

Our plan was to cycle to Lochwinnoch about 18-19 miles away on cycle network route 7. I’d run part of the route on my marathon training and the routes are well sign posted.

It was a pleasant day. Cloudy and about 11’C. About the weather I expected for the Lochaber marathon last week. Lol. It wasn’t warm but it was warm enough when we were cycling. The wind was sort of in our face on the way there, and I was glad it was kind of behind us on the way back.

My right quad still had a twinge of pain in it, and I noticed it about a mile into the cycle. It meant I couldn’t really get out of the saddle and had to take it slow sometimes. I’ll keep an eye on that one!

We cycled along the part of the route I knew, through the south side of Paisley. Then on past Johnstone where we took a wrong turn and ended up in Johnstone town centre. I realise our error and went back to the route.

Then we ended up turning left towards Linwood. I was wondering where all the national cycle network signs had gone, but it’s because we had gone off the route. Lol. We went back to the route and found our way again.

We cycled past a large bicycle and decided we’d get a photo on the way back. We were about 6 miles from Lochwinnoch.

We cycled on and got there hungry and ready for lunch. We’d cycled around 23 miles. We went to the Hungry Monk. Good service and food and a nice place to eat.

I had a black pudding salad (with a poached egg yum) and a baked potato and prawns. Very tasty.

Then after lunch we cycled back to Glasgow. We took a more direct route this time and powered on along the relatively flat and well surfaced cycle path. Time for a quick photo opportunity!

Just before Paisley I had a bite of a mars bar and kept going.

All in all it was about 4.5 hours of cycling, about 3 out and 1.5 back. 🙂

It was a good day and nice to do something different than running. (although I was thinking, this would be nice to run!!)

Cycle: 42 miles, 4 hours, ave speed: 10.7. Calories burned approx: 2000.
Ave HR: 59% Max HR: 80%

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