Back to normal!

After a few days of recovery I’m feeling back to normal. My right quad still has a bit of a twinge in it, but otherwise I’m feeling fine.  And last night I got 9 hours sleep… get in there!!

I’m now missing it. Missing running. Missing being active. I’m an addict and I’m forcing myself to rest. It’s good actually, but I’m constantly thinking what I want to do next.

Run? Swim? Circuits? Cycle? I’ve got just over three weeks to the 10k when I hope to do my best, so I’m thinking I could ease back into running next week, accompanied by a bit of swimming and some circuits?

I used to spend hours in the gym doing weights, but I think circuits (after my 6-8 week trial of them at the start of the year) are better for me and you get more for your effort.

I’m still going to stay off running, hopefully until Wednesday or Thursday next week (:-o). Maybe do a swim on Monday night, spin on Tuesday and maybe circuits on Monday morning (instead of my morning run)?

We’re off for a leisurely cycle tomorrow morning and I’m looking forward to it. Saturday mornings no longer need to be eaten up by the long run for marathon training. 🙂

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