Rituals & preparations for long runs / races

Training for the marathon and half marathon and running long in general made me realise I have set routines I do before I run long.

It might be to do with sleep, nutrition or what I wear, but I thought I’d note them down to see just how crazy I might be. 😉

Day/Night before the Race/Long run

  • Drink water through out the day on the day before a long run.
  • Eat enough to keep energy levels up.
  • Don’t drink alcohol (it’s a given for me, but thought I’d put it in).
  • Aim to get at least 8 hours sleep.
  • Charge garmin and ipod.
  • Check the weather for the conditions and choose/layout running clothes accordingly.
  • If running a Race, ensure you have your number pinned onto your bib/tshirt.

Pre Race/Long run

  • Breakfast: Porridge & Orange Juice. Multivitamin.
  • 1 hour before race/run: Caffiene Boost Lucozade. 80mg caffiene!
  • 10 mins before race/run: Caffiene gel. 22mg caffiene!

During the Race/Long run

  • Every 45 mins take an energy gel. (Caffeine or normal)
  • Sip 125mls of water every 20 mins roughly (approx 500mls in an hour)
  • Drink after 20 mins if you have water with you.
  • Or leave a 500ml bottle an hour/half way into the run.

Post Race/Long run

  • Drink a 500ml bottle of lucozade (full fat, not the ‘lite’ stuff) – Citrus preferably. 🙂
  • Eat some cashew nuts/a banana/apple/bagel (replace energy/carbs).
  • Drink a milkshake (For goodness shakes) for protien intake / recovery.
  • Eat a good meal (baked potato or good hearty lunch/dinner).
  • Drink water throughout the day to replace any lost fluids.
  • Log the run on Garmin Connect and Nike Plus.
  • Have an afternoon nap if you need one. 😀
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3 Responses to Rituals & preparations for long runs / races

  1. bearrunner says:

    Great advice! I find the booze sometimes gives me the carbs I need to get through a long run… I would like to try a Caffiene gel, it seems a lot of people take them. See if they have any impact on my LSD…


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