Wk 14 – Recovery

Oh my god my legs were sore during and after the marathon.  It’s Wednesday now, and only now, 3 days later are they beginning to feel normal!

Immediately after the marathon, my legs were killing me, and I oddly, my left funny bone was also sore…. possibly due to a repetitive movement or from me tensing up as I ran the last miles.  Thankfully my funny bone is no longer sore.

I drank lots of milkshakes after the marathon and made sure I rehydrated.  I ate carbs and protein as they say you’re meant to so that you aid and improve recovery.

It was my quads that got it.  And they’re the muscles you use all the time to steady yourself and to get up and down, in and out of seats.   So on Monday, as I was walking casually through the shopping centre (Silverburn where I had my massage)… my  quads kept kind of wanting to give way on me.  Not nice!

I remembered my Granny getting herself up by pushing with her hands downwards on the couch pushing her body up with her arms, as her quads wouldn’t do the job. (She was 80 odds) That’s how I felt on Monday!!


Everything else seemed to be ok, I thought, until that is, I had an all over body massage on Monday at 11am!  I had noticed some lower back pain when I had been trying to sleep on Sunday night, but hadn’t realised how tensed up my shoulders and neck were!

The woman doing it asked what I would like her to concentrate and I said my neck, quads and lower back.  She asked if I minded if she massaged me with lots of pressure, and I said it was ok, as I knew it would be the best thing for it.

She started working on my shoulders and back and moved onto my legs one at a time.  First my calves, ouch… then my hamstrings….then I turned over and she did my lower legs and quads.  Oh. My. God!!  It was so sore, but SO good!!

Then she worked my neck and shoulders.  1 whole hour of easing off the 26.2 miles from the day before.

I still found it hard to get down the stairs after the massage, but I’m sure it helped and it was well worth it.

Other activities

They say that after a marathon or a race, you should rest 1 day for each mile you raced….so that would be a month without running for me.  I could probably do, it but I don’t want to.

I could swim, cycle, spin, walk – do all sorts of other things to let my body recouperate from the pressures of running the marathon.

I know that I need to let my body recover and I’ve decided that I am taking at least 9 days off running… and possibly 1-2 weeks off it.  I have a 10k in 4 weeks time, and could probably not run until then, but I think I’ll pick up again in 2 weeks.

This week, I’m going to do nothing but walk to work and maybe do a long leisurely cycle on Saturday.  Then week 2 I’ll introduce some swimming and maybe an easy spin session.  Then week 3 some easy runs, and week 4 some preparation for the 10k – maybe a time trial?

Stairs or Lift?

On Tuesday I went back to work and climbed the I don’t know how manystairs to get to the third floor that I work on.

I had thought I would need to take the lift, but after loosening off my legs on the (slow) walk to work it seemed ok for me to climb the stairs of ‘The Street’.  I always tend to climb the stairs…. there’s just no need to use the lift…. unless you’re in the state I was in!!

It was actually coming down them that caused me more pain.  I had to do a kind of … get my speed up and fall down the stairs… or take the lift. 😉

Powerplate massage

On Tuesday night, instead of the usual intense double spinfit class I usually go to, I went and used the Powerplate in the gym to see if I could work out some of the muscle soreness.

You set the plate to vibrate for 45 second bursts and stand or lie on it.  I did a few:

  • Hamstring stretches
  • IT Band stretches
  • Calf Stretches
  • Calf Massages
  • Quad Massages.

My calves and hamstrings didn’t need as much work, but I did quite a few massages on my quads and IT bands which felt brilliant!

And today… I’m not getting up and down (too much) like an 80 year old anymore.  I think the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) may finally be gone by tomorrow (4 days after the marathon).

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