Lochaber Marathon Summary

First of all, sorry I’ve been away from this for a while.  Now that it’s all over I’ve taken some time out to try and recover and have found myself to be rather quite tired and in need of rest!

Second of all, thank you to everyone who has sponsored me and supported me in my training and on the day.  It really has helped.

Thanks to you I have managed to raise over £1,200 for Breast Cancer Care and I’m really greatful for the donations and for the support I had on the day.

Anyway, here goes:

On the 10th of April 2011 I ran the Lochaber Marathon in 22’C heat!  (click this link for the Garmin details: the route, splits and my heart rate!)

It was a great event and I managed to complete it in 3:40:12.  A PB for me, beating my November time by just over a minute!

This is a photo of me just about to cross the finish line!

I was placed:
119th overall (top 31%)
17th female out of 107 (top 16%)
5th in my age group out of 31 (top 16%)
5th out of non running club affiliated females out of 46 (top 11%)

Here are the results.

404 entered
379 completed
25 did not finish
1 (who had finished) was taken away in an ambulance!

Average Finish time: 4:02:16
Average Female Finish time: 4:18:28 
(last years average was 4:05 – heat added 15 mins on perhaps?)
Average Male Finish time: 3:55:54

I was 48 minutes faster than the average female and almost 16 minutes faster than the average male. 😀

This is a photo of me in pain right at the end of the marathon!

My family and friends turned out to support me and make me feel extra special for finishing such a challenging event in blistering conditions.  Thanks for the support!

The good news is after a full body massage and a day off on Monday, and a Powerplate massage on Tuesday my legs are almost back to normal and I even managed to climb the stairs in work on Tuesday and Wednesday!!

I’ll of course be posting a more detailed report of the race and more blog articles and pictures now that I’m ‘recovering’ and taking some time out from running (if I can stop myself!)

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4 Responses to Lochaber Marathon Summary

  1. bearrunner says:

    Great pics!!! 3.40 is a great time!


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  3. Paul says:

    Well done Lorn! Nice seeing you along the way, you did great and brilliant effort raising all that cash for charity!

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