Thanks and a quick update!

Well, on Sunday the 10th of April, in 22’C heat, I ran the Lochaber Marathon.  I completed it in 3:40:12 and shaved just over 1 minute off the time I did in November.

A big thanks to everyone who has donated so far and to the support I had over the weekend!  I‘ve raised over £1,100 for Breast Cancer Care and still counting!  😀

I’m away for a well earned all over body massage now!  And I’m looking forward to a bit of time off from exercise/running!  Photos and more blog posts will go up later (as I won’t be spending my time exercising for once!!!)

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2 Responses to Thanks and a quick update!

  1. Rose says:

    That’s absolutely brilliant Lorn! Even better given how hot it was.
    I had a look at your garmin splits and I am in awe of how consistent you were.

    So has the cold bath worked its magic?


    • lornpearson says:

      Not really no. 😛 My quads are killing me. Had a full body massage at 11, I’d highly recommend it!! Still sore. Quads feel like they’re going to give way sometimes. I’m taking a full week off then going to maybe have 2-3 weeks of swimming before a 10k event in 4 weeks I think. 🙂 good luck for next week, if it’s going to be warm don’t wear too much and wear suncream!! (I wore too many layers on top but did wear suncream)

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