‘Motivated’ and how he’s getting on now…

If you’re wondering how my friend ‘Motivated’ is getting on…  well he’s doing brilliantly.  For those of you who didn’t catch the ‘Lazybones’ or ‘Motivated’ blog post I wrote, ‘Motviated’ is a guy I know who’s working hard to lose weight and get his BMI from what it once was, a staggering 68 on the BMI scale!! (morbidly obese!)

‘Motivated’ started run / walking on the treadmill in January and in total has lost about 18 inches off his waist (in about 3 years with gastric band, diet and exercise).  That’s the length of my forearm and hand… off his waist!  Look at your own forearm and hand and imagine losing that off your waist!!!

He started running on the treadmill in January, run walking.  Running for X minutes, walking for Y and repeating.  I joined him one session on the treadmill and he really was doing well.

The good news is, that on the 27th March he ran his first 5k event!  The Bellahouston 5k was a fun run and he completed it in just over 38 minutes.  He said running behind the women in front of him helped him. 😉

And yesterday he text me to let me know that he ran for 15 minutes non stop on the treadmill for the first time ever! He was full of joy and accomplishment.  Well done to him!

I remember that… getting to being able to run 20 minutes without stopping, then wakling for 5 minutes, then running again for 20.  It was a great acheivement for me, and I’ve said to him his next challenge is to run for 15 mins, walk for 5 then run for another 15. 

I’m sure he’ll get there.  He has a 10k event planned in June, perhaps this is just the start of his journey into running?

I haven’t seen him much recently, but I’m sure the exercise is helping him to lose more weight and I’m looking forward to seeing the transformation in him (both physically and mentally).

Perhaps he’s caught the running bug like I did?!!?

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