It’s nearly time for me to run the Lochaber Marathon!

Thanks for supporting me in helping me raise so much money for a worthy cause.  So far, with your help, I’ve raised over £900 for Breast Cancer Care.

It’s now 13 and a half weeks since I started training for the Lochaber Marathon which I’m going to run on Sunday the 10th of April.

I thought I’d let you know how I’ve been getting on.

I decided to run the marathon as a personal challenge for me and as a reason to raise some money for Breast Cancer Care. My friend was diagnosed last year, and she’s doing really well now. But some sad news is that someone very close to me has now been diagnosed. 😦

Another reason why I’m glad I’m running for this cause, and why I’m so grateful to you all for sponsoring me!

With your help I’ve managed to raise over £960 and I’m well on target to raise over £1,000!

And here are some other numbers for you, most are since the start of January:

If you’d like to donate again (!! :-O) or you know of anyone else who would like to sponsor me, please forward them the link to my just giving site:

Nearly there… 2 days to go and it will be marathon day! I’m getting excited now!!

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2 Responses to It’s nearly time for me to run the Lochaber Marathon!

  1. Rose says:

    Only a few days now!!!!! Great work on the training and good luck on the eating! I have to admit that I don’t think I’ll find the carb loading phase a problem!!!!!!

    oh and in answer to your question my formal training started at the end of October last year so 5 months worth or runs with a month off for injury (which should have been a 120 mile month) and then obviously a very slow month building back up again after that…… I ought to work out the hours including all the cross training as that would show a truer picture of the time invested!

    I really hope that it goes well for you at the weekend and look forward to reading your race report!


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