3 days to go…

Well… 3 days to go and the continuation of this weeks ‘carbo’ loading happens now… Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I was more or less eating the same sort of amounts of food that I normally would, with a little extra.  Now from today onwards (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) I’m meant to be doubling my carb intake to 570g! (10g per kg of body weight).

I wonder if people (who don’t exercise etc) normally eat this much food? 

Anyway, I have lots in my lunch pack today, and had a rather large but tasty breakfast.

Here is the plan today foodwise:

Porridge, Wholemeal toast with a banana on it, Pineapple juice.

Mid morning Snack
Cinammon and Raisin Bagel with Nutella, Activia Yoghurt.

Chicken mayo, peanut butter and walnut sandwich
Muller Rice

Mid afternoon snack(s)
Tracker bar
Sport beans?

Chicken, peas and brown rice
Mars bar

Special K

Oooooft… after all that I’ll be ready to burst!! I’ll be doing 5 ish miles tonight so I should have plenty of energy for that!  That’ll be a total of just over 400 miles I’ve run since January!

Oh and I’ve raised over £910 on the just giving site and £75 worth of pledges for when I complete the marathon.  If you’d like to donate go to the button at the top right of this page or visit: www.justgiving.com/lornrunsamarathon

I must admit it’s been hard actually eating all this food… I’m not particularly hungry but eating anyway… I’ve had a snickers each night this week, and am going to change to a Mars bar for after dinner… in the next 3 days… 

Let’s see if Mars can help me to Work, Rest and Play?? 😉

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1 Response to 3 days to go…

  1. bearrunner says:

    Mmm I like the Mars Bar 🙂

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