Wk13 – Taper week…

The gremlins seemed to have got me this morning… I was MEANT to go for a 4.3 mile run to Maxwell Park and back, but didn’t.  I suppose I’m almost thinking like it doesn’t matter too much if I miss one or two runs out at this stage… and it might even do me good?

5 days to the marathon and I have a 4.3 mile run, 5 mile run and a 6.2 mile run planned for this week, along with a double session of spinfit tonight.

I woke at 6am this morning and tried to get up… but was dragged back to bed (by myself!) to lay about.  I hadn’t set my running clothes out which was a sign for me not really wanting to go.  Tut tut. 😉

I suppose I did one constructive thing and sent a text asking 23 of my friends to sponsor me. I’ve raised £875.20 so far and still counting.  I’ll maybe do the rounds a bit today at work again.

Last night I wrote a packing list for things I want to take with me and I read some of my book: The Competitive Runner’s Handbook

Anyway, here is the plan for this week:

Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: PM Double Spinfit
Wednesday: AM 4.3 mile run, PM 6.2 mile run, Pace Chart
Thursday: AM 5 mile run, Toenails & Feet
Friday: Rest day, Pack and check info
Saturday: Rest day, Travel, Drive route, meet friends and family.
Sunday: Race day!

Oh and here are my totals – not bad… 402 miles running in 13 weeks!

RUN 402 51           36,694           10.5
CYCLE 378 19           13,704              3.9
WALK 63 19             6,305              1.8
SWIM 6 2             1,507              0.4
OTHER 0 40             9,350              2.7
WTS 0 10             4,379              1.3
Grand Total 848 141           71,939           20.6
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1 Response to Wk13 – Taper week…

  1. bearrunner says:

    Taper is an enjoyable time. It is the time to take the rest as your body probably needs it!

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