Wk12 – Start of the West Highland Way

My friend Jackie and her family are walking the West Highland Way in the week running up to my marathon.  It means that she should get into Fort William the Saturday before the Lochaber Marathon. 

They started out yesterday and we drive her up to the start in Milngavie, then walked with them for 8.5 miles.  I was wearing my new Solomon boots which I haven’t hiked in yet, and they were very comfortable.  My feet were a bit sore towards the end, but no blisters and my feet feel fine today.

We walked from Milngavie and stopped at the Beach Tree Inn for lunch, then continued on until we got to about 8.5 miles and we decided we’d head back.  All in all about 5 hours of walking.  I was tired about 2 miles form the end, but it was a nice day and luckily for us the rain stayed off for most of it.

Walk: 16.6 miles, 6 hours, 17:58 min miles, Calories: 1150
Ave HR: 91 (48%), Max HR: 162 (85%) running up a hill at the start!

Here are some photos of the day.

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