Wk12 – 8M taper

Saturday morning and I was looking forward to my ‘long run’ with Julie Ann.  As part of the taper, the 8 mile run will be the shortest long run I’ve done in training. The last time we ran together was about a month or so ago, what with my half marathon and her being in London one of the weekends.

We met at Bella at 9am and we had a nice 8 mile route planned around Pollock Park.  I wore my newer pair of trainers so I could decide on which pair I was gonig to wear for the big day, and we both wore what we are going to wear on the big day next Sunday.

It was pretty cold, about 8’C, so I thought I would try my shorts out and see how I got on.  If I was too cold in them, then I’d wear 3/4 length trousers next weekend.  I also had a warm nike close fitting t-shirt on and my pink nike top which has started to become my ‘race t-shirt’. 

I felt warm enough throughout the run and I think what I’ve chosen to wear is just right for the marathon next Sunday.

Saturday’s long run was the opportunity for me to try out ‘Dioralyte’.  I put mixed 800mls of water with 2 sachets of natural dirolayte: half strength as I didn’t want to over do it. 

I felt ok during and after the run having drunk the dioralyte mixture, but it didn’t taste as refreshing as water as it was a bit salty.  I think this late on in the game it would be silly to try something new.

I’m pretty sure I get enough salts/electrolytes from the lucozades I take before and after the runs I’ve been doing and also from the gels I take.  I just think its a silly idea to try something like this when lucozade/water/gels work for me and have done in the past over all my long training runs.

It was a good final run and we got lots of chatting in, so much so I nearly missed a right turn.  🙂

We are both looking forward to next weekend in Fort William. 

At the end when we got back to Bella, I drank my lemon lucozade whilst Julie Ann got a coffee.  We sat outside in the sun which was nice.  Although I did make the rookie mistake of not putting any extra layers on (which I had with me).  I must remember to wrap up warm after I stop running!!

Run: 8.03M, 1:10, Pace: 8:40, Calories: 800.
Ave HR: 149 (78%) Max HR: 187 (98%)

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