Gel Belt…

During training, on my long runs, I’ve carried up to 4 gels.  When I’m running, the gels need to be accessible, and I’ve usually got one in the pocket in my shorts, one in a pocket in my t-shirt and two tucked in the side of my shorts at the waistband.

But I’ve found it’s not always reliable to carry the gels that way.  I’ve dropped a few in the past and I had a thought that I needed something more reliable.

I’d looked online and seen pouches and straps and in particular a SIS gel strap/pouch for about £11.  But I thought… I don’t want to be spending £11 on a strap that I might only use a few times and would just annoy me.

So I had another plan.  I’ve got an old Timex Heart rate monitor strap which stopped working, so I figured if I could somehow turn it into a belt for gels, it would be the best customised and cheap option.

I’ll be carrying 5 gels for the marathon, 3 caffiene ones and 2 normal gels, so I’d need to get 5 loops added to it.

I had the idea of what I wanted it to be like, and I asked my sister, who has a sewing maching, to add elastic loops to the belt.  I knew if I attempted it, it would turn out crappy, so I asked the expert to do it.

Here it is.  I got it from her on Saturday. Sure it looks a little strange, heart rate monitor and all, but I’m pretty sure it will do the job well!

I’m going to try it out on some runs this week and make sure it holds up ok.

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1 Response to Gel Belt…

  1. bearrunner says:

    what a genious idea!!!


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