Wk12 – 10k Time trial (with a cold)

Friday morning week 12… I had a 10k time trial to do, but as I’m getting over a cold (and Wednesday’s run was hard because of it) I wasn’t pushing myself to try and beat my two previous 10k time trials (week 4 and 8).

I decided I would run comfortably and aim for maybe under 50 minutes.  No time target.   Fingers crossed, I’d see how I felt during the run.

I managed to get out of bed at jsut before half 6… and I hoped for the beautiful morning that it had been for the past two mornings, but unfortunately it was foggy. 😦 

Nevermind.  I put on an extra layer on top and wore my shorts on my bottom half.  Should be warm enough.

It was ok when I went out, but as I was running I felt it a bit cold…5’C again. Arg.  I ran up Sheilds Road this time, and along the route I’ve done the last two times I’ve done the 10k time trial.  The route covers most of the Women’s 10k route without going into Pollock Park.  It’s got a bit of an unfortunate turn around at Haggs Road, but it’s ok – and I designed it like that because I didn’t want to run through Pollock Park when it was dark in the mornings in week 4.

Today I felt ok, but knew I was no where near reaching the speeds I did in Weeks 4 and 8.  But I was ok with that.  I’d done 5k in about 25 minutes and I thought maybe I could pick up the pace after 4 miles.  I got stopped by traffic for 10 seconds at Dumbreck Road (mile 4), then on mile 5 and 6 tried to push it a little.

But I did have something in my head from something I’d read about the last two taper weeks of marathon training: ‘Milage totals and intensity of runs should reduce in the last two weeks’.  Damn right!  Especially since I’m getting over this cold!  So I pushed it a little bit on the 5th and 6th mile… then got stopped by traffic for another 20 seconds at Shields Road on the 7th mile.

All in all a good run though, the splits are below.  Pretty steady just under 8:00 minute miles for a steady 49 min 10k  run.

 When I got home I came across this rather cool feature of Garmin Connect.  You can compare similar activities and comapre the full detail of the runs.  It works pretty well for this example… one route, three runs, 4 weeks apart. It should show progress, but in this case its showing how the cold has affected me and how I couldn’t run as fast the second time compared to the first! 

All you do to get the comparision, is click on ‘Compare similar activities’ when you are in an activity, then you can select the ones you want to compare in detail. Show More Detail to see all the detail for comparison.

It’ll be good to see how my next 10k time trial compares (in 4 weeks? around the 22nd April)

Run: 10k, 49:07, Pace: 7:52, Speed: 7.6mph , Calories 622.
Ave HR: 160 (84%), Max HR: 175 (92%)

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