Wk12 – 4.3M of 0.5M Speed repetitions

Wednesday night and I’d felt good all day after my tough run this morning.  I had planned to introduce my friend to speed workouts.  Speed workouts are the types of runs in that (sometimes) in the back of my mind I dread… I plan them…. and then I dread the idea of them.

Here’s the idea of Speedwork:

You warm up.
Then start with running fast for a set distance (X miles)
Then recover for Y miles.
You repeat it as many times as you can deal with.
Then you recover for X miles.

Tonight it was, 4 reps of a loop around some bridges on the Clyde:
0.4 mile warm up
0.58 mile fast
0.32 mile recovery slow jog
0.57 mile fast
0.31 mile recovery slow jog
0.57 mile fast
0.3 mile recovery slow jog
1.25 mile recovery

We did three repeats of the fast / recovery loop, then ran another loop slow and ran home.

It was hard work for my friend and a bit of a change from just running at one steady pace for a distance.  Hopefully it will help her in her aim to increase her speed.  And it should get easier the more often she does Speed work / Tempo runs. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, here are some pictures from tonights run:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Run: 4.3M, 36:31, Moving Pace: 8:10, Pace: 8:29, Calories: 424.
Ave HR: 145 (76%) Max HR: 163 ( 86%)

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