Wk12 – 4.3M Maxwell Park run with a cold

Wednesday morning and I had a 10k (time trial) in my training plan, but in the back of my mind with me getting over this cold, I knew I wasn’t going to do a time trial of any sorts.  With two weeks to go before the marathon there’s no point in trying to bust a gut to try and beat any 10k time, especially as I’m not feeling on top form.

I still go with the belief that if you have a cold – if it’s:

  • Above the neck: train easy.
  • Below the neck: don’t train.

My plan this morning was to run the 10k route up Sheild’s Road, Haggs Road, Nithsdale and back home like I have done a few times before this year, but this time not put any speed/time pressure on me.

I was about three quarters of a mile into my run and I realised I’d turned left at the junction to go around my usual 4.3 mile Maxwell Park route instead of the 10k.  I could have still run 10k, but I decided I would do the 4.3 miles instead.

It was tough.  I was unusually warm (in shorts, t-shirt and long sleeved top) and my breathing was hard and laboured.   The temperature was higher than normal, but so was my temperature due to my cold I think. My heart rate was also above what it would normally be.  Good news is I was running at a pretty good pace… not very fast… but steady enough.

I ran the route at a usual sort of pace: about 8 minute miles, but boy did I find it hard!  My heart rate was 165 bpm (87%), compared to a usual average of about 70 – 80% for the route.

Here’s a bit of analysis from the last 16 times I’ve done the run.

As you can see when you look at the times I’ve run at that pace (8:00 min miles) my heart rate ranges between 79% and 84% (83% latterly).  But today it was away up at 87% – (5 bpm above normal) and maxed at 188!!

All of this really shows that colds do affect how you train, and it’s important to remember that when you train.  I did take Monday, Tuesday off so at least I’ve been a bit sensible there.

Here’s a graph that shows the Paces / HRs of my last 16 runs around my old friend the 4.3M Maxwell Park route:

I was glad when I got home today, but still felt ok to go for a short one tonight with my friend.

The plan from here on in is to TAPER.  Short easy runs, with the odd 12 mile and 8 mile ‘long runs’ before the big day on the 10th of April (Lochaber Marathon).  And if I want a day off, I’ll take it.  I’ll try to sleep, hydrate and eat properly in the next two and a half weeks in preparation for the big day.

Run: 4.28M, 34:52, Pace: 8:04, Calories: 426.
Ave HR: 167 (87%), Max HR: 188 (99%)

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