Wk11 – Recovery

I decided after Sunday (10k and swimming with my neice), and after week of taking cold remedies that I’d be best settling down and not exercising on Monday.  So the usual easy 4.3M run was out of the window.  I had an earlyish night and feel better for it.

Although I didn’t do the usual of try and play catch up this morning (Tuesday).  I’ll go back to double spin tonight and see how I am.  Then get back into running. 

I’m concious that I’ve not been doing circuits and swimming in the last few weeks.  Curciuts really do help strengthen everything else which might be neglected when running so I should really get back into it.  Maybe 1 x 20 – 30 minute sessions this week and two next week?

We’ll see….

MON: Rest
TUE: Double Spinfit
WED: AM 10k Time Trial, PM: Run with friend
THU: AM 4.3M PM 20 mins Circuits
FRI: Rest
SAT: 12M long easy run
SUN: Rest / Walk / Cycle

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