Wk11 – 10k and a bit

Third run of the week…my right calf was a bit tight from the long run on Friday, and my cold hasn’t exactly cleared up, but I figured a run would be ok.  Another 10k with my friend with the aim of getting her used to the women’s 10k route.

It was  a bit foggy, but not too cold when we went out.  I decided I’d try a pair of shorts for the first time this year.  And it worked out ok.  Shorts, a long sleeved helly hansen top and a tshirt.  It was a little chilly, but not too bad.

We started off pretty fast, then the pace got steady around the 8:40 min mile mark.  We ran up Sheilds Road and onto the Women’s 10k route at Nithsdale Road onto Terrgles Avenue.  Down onto Haggs Road, into Pollock Park and out up to St Andrews Drive and home. 

Just as we were getting out of Pollock Park my friend said her injury was niggling her, so we slowed the pace a little.  We still managed 10k in 53:13.. similar to the speed we did it in 2 weeks ago. 

I had the heart rate monitor on my friend again to see how hard she was working, and she was worknig hard.  Average HR 177 (96%).

It was a good run anyway just under 7 miles. 

I’ve still got the cold.  At the tail end of it now, dried up a little and coughing a little.  I’ll take Monday off today and see how I am tomorrow.

Run: 6.9M, 59:29, Pace: 8:35, 7.0mph, Calories: 682.

Time until Lochaber Marathon: 3 weeks!

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