Wk11 – Double Spinfit

Tuesday night was spinfit night: double spinfit.  2 x 45 mins with the lovely and funny Helen.

After work I really wasn’t fancying it, but I’m glad I went as I got a good workout. 

Spinning like that, high intensity for 2 x 45 minutes MUST be good for you!

Although I felt a little bit of a sore throat last night … arg!!  It better not come to anythin.

Spin 1: 45 mins, Ave HR: 140 (74%), Max HR: 160 (84%), Approx 520 cals burned
Spin 2: 45 mins, Ave HR: 135 (71%), Approx 500 calories burned.

It was the same routine from last week, the one I found really hard.  Helen has included a bit more ‘running’ right after strength and hill work and it’s contstant!

I worked hard in the first class and didn’t put as much resistance on the in second class.

Running, Hill work, Speed work, Strength work (ouch!): 1:30 of it. 

It all must help towards making my legs able to deal with the vigours of running long, not to mention build my endurance up.

As usual, it was a good workout anyway.

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