Wk11 – 6.8M part of the women’s 10k route

Wednesday night run with my friend. We used to do 4 miles around the bridges (nice and flat) but now we’re taking in part of the women’s 10k route to get us used to the route for May.

We ran from the flat this time, up Sheilds Road up to Terregles avenue (for the 2nd time today :-D), then into Pollock Park up the hill the opposite way. Out Pollock Park as the sun was setting. Lovely.

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We got back to the flat by running along Dumbreck Road and Paisley Road West. We were stopped a few times with traffic, and in total we were about a minute slower than we were for 10k last week.

We ended up doing an hours run, at a comfortable pace. My throat felt, and feels ok. I’ve been taking paracetamol / lemsip to try and stave it off. And have increased my water intake today. Hopefully I’m going to be ok. Feel fine anyway. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow. My heart rate was nice and low for the run anyway which is a good sign.

Run: 6.8M, 1 hour, Pace: 8:39. Calories: 679
Ave HR: 138 (79%), Max HR: 151 (79%)
Time until Lochaber marathon: 3 weeks 4 days
340 mile challenge: 271 completed, 69 to go.

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