Wk11 – It all starts again

After my high on Sunday of beating my PB for the Balloch to Clydebank half marathon, I’ve found myself pretty tired and in need of sleep.  😀

After the run, I came home, showered, had lunch, then a nap, then taught swimming for 4 hours on a hot pool side.  I had enough to eat on Sunday, but I still felt very hungry on Monday through to Tuesday.

I was considering going swimming on Monday night, but I decided rest would be a better option. And I’ll start all over again today (Tuesday).  My legs are surprisingly fine after running that fast for a half marathon on Sunday.  Yipee!

So here is the plan for this week: (just under 4 weeks to go)

MON: Rest
TUE: PM: Double Spinfit
WED: AM: 4.3M easy run. PM: Run of some sort? 4-6 miles
THU: Swim or Run
FRI: 24.2M 
SAT: Rest
SUN: 8M incl 5M of Tempo

My main run this week is my 24.2 mile run up and back along Loch Lomond.  I’ve taken a half shift from work and aim to run 12.1 miles out and 12.1 miles back.

It’s my chance to really get a good pacing strategy sorted and get a feeling for what pace I can run (up to) 26.2 miles at.

Here’s the plan for the 24.2 miles and 26.2 miles:

 And depending on how I get on on Friday, I’ll amend the 26.2 plan.

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2 Responses to Wk11 – It all starts again

  1. bearrunner says:

    Works out great on paper, you never know what will come of the unknown though… As you get further into your marathon… I would be more opt to do this plan backwards and start out quicker and slow down near the end…


  2. Julia says:

    Great job, and good luck with your upcoming marathon!! I’m excited to see how you do!

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