Wk10 – 7.1M Tempo with challenges!

Wednesday morning and I was determined to get out of bed for an early 7 mile run. It was meant to be a tempo run…and it kind of worked out that way, but I didn’t enjoy it too much as I was doing it.

I ran along Govan Road down Lorne Street and onto Paisley Road West. It was cold and I wore my gloves for the first mile and a half before my hands warmed up. I turned onto Dumbreck Road and just after 15 minutes in… running along Dumbreck Road… a van drove through a puddle on the road… soaking me from head to foot. Then a car went through another puddle soaking me again and it happened once more until I was drenched. I understandably shouted out some sweary words, but kept on going.

Then I got to the junction where the M77 comes up onto Dumbreck Road and I just missed the pedestrian crossing so I was waiting there, soaking wet and cold, for about 30 seconds. Great I thought.

I turned into Pollock Park, and immediately got stuck behind a slow moving tractor. Woo hoo this run is going well! Not. I felt myself slowing a little as I ran along. My clothes and legs were cold with the freezing cold dirty water which had soaked me.

Things lightened up a bit as I ran through Pollock Park, the sun rising over Corkerhill, shining through the trees reminding me that it was all good.

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The park was deserted (no wonder it was 7am, but light) and I only passed two runners in the whole time I was in there.

Out of Pollock Park along Haggs Road, up towards St Andrews Drive. Maxwell Park looked nice in the sunrise. Then half way up St Andrews Drive, it started SNOWING! Drive horizontal SNOW! Great!!

The snow continued until I got home and I finished 7.1 miles in 55:35.

A rather memorable outing for me, full of challenges. Funny now I look back on it but not too enjoyable at the time!

Oh and my average moving pace was 7:42, a good tempo pace for me.

Run: 7.12M, 55:35, Pace: 7:42 (7.8mph), Calories: 743.
Ave HR: 163 (86%), Max HR: 180 (95%)
Time until Lochaber Marathon: 4 weeks 4 days
340 mile challenge: 240 miles completed, 100 miles left to complete

9 miles to reach the PURPLE level!!

Oh and I went back to the flat and weighed myself in my normal weekly weigh in: 8 stone 13! The first time I’ve been under 9 stone since I can remember!

All these long runs and training are paying off! It’s a 10k tonight in the pouring rain which will bring my daily run total to over 13.1 miles 🙂

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