Wk10 – Double (tough) Spinfit

Usual Tuesday night: finish work straight to Bella for a double spin session. Lately I’ve been almost dreading the fact that I’m doing two sessions, but I know they are good for me (cardio system, legs and endurance).

I was thinking tonight, when I was part way through my second 45 minute spin class with Helen, ‘this has got to be good for me!’ 90 minutes of hard work. To the point where my heart isn’t maxing (the most I can get it to on the spin bike is about 165) but tonight I felt slightly sick on more than one occasion.

It’s damn hard work, but Helen does a good job of keeping you smiling. Especially by the time the endorphins hit in the second class.

Tonight after about 9 weeks of the same tracks and routine, Helen mixed it up a bit with new tracks tonight. And she did a great job. A lot of hard work and good songs. Genie in a bottle and harder faster stronger stood out tonight.

Oh and we have a little mascot: Iona is a very cute little three year old who pops her head in the door and makes us laugh when we are on the bikes. Every week she is there whilst she waits for her sister to do gymnastics or something. We’ve got to know her and she’s great for putting a smile on your face when she does a little dance or action when we’re spinning.

She always has a wee bottle of juice or crisps, sweeties or fruit to keep her going whilst she waits. Before the class she chats away, she’s got good vocabulary for a 3 year old, and when she leaves she waves us good bye. Very cute indeed. Tonight I was joking with her asking her if she kept any sweets for me. 😉 She hadn’t, but it made her laugh.

Spinfit 1: 45 mins, Ave HR: 145, Max: 165, calories: 580
Spinfit 2: 45 mins, Ave HR: 135, Max HR: 160, calories, 520

Great workout. It seemed harder than the last one she had. Less rest between tracks. Phewy. Maybe it’ll get easier as the weeks go on?!

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